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Intimate Hotel 21+ rule

It appears that Intimate Hotel by Tim Boutique while girl friendly, has implemented a policy where guests of guests must be 21 years of age or over. This was brought to my attention by a reader today. An extract from his email is below:


I just wanted to let you know that while Intimate hotel expects that you’ll be bringing guests, they have a 21+ rule. I loved the hotel but this rule really screwed up my options and is a reason that I do not stay there anymore. I think you should mention this problem for other customers so they don’t get burned with a week long stay commitment.

If you are primarily interested in the younger girls fresh in from the farm, you might like to consider this when you make your choice of hotels.

Thank you to the gentleman who let me know about this. If you have any updates please let us know here, either in the issues/changes post, or via our contact page.

Pattaya Center Hotel

I have received feedback recently that the Pattaya Centre Hotel is now charging THB600 (USD18) per night for overnight guests.

Also “Pattaya Centre Hotel” ask 600 bht. This site is sheet. I made my reservation consulting this site and I had to pay minimum 600 bahts daily.

I have placed a warning mark next to it in the list and will consider removing it from the list if I receive similar feedback.

If you have stayed there recently please share your experience below.

Siam Bayshore now girl unfriendly?

I just received and email yesterday from a gentleman who booked for 2 people at the Siam Bayshore Hotel in Pattaya.

He forwarded his confirmation email from the hotel which I have posted below. Right at the very bottom there is a little notice saying “Non-registered guest charge THB1200 per person per night. (!) That’s more than a third of the room rate! (There is also a “compulsory” gala dinner on New Years Eve but that is another story).


Siam Bayshore email


The recipient of this email asked for my advice.

Since they now clearly state in their booking confirmation email that there will be a charge for unregistered guests. The only way I can see around it is to rock up on the first day with your new “friend” and check-in together. This is obviously not an option for many people.

I’ll mark on the list about this development with an eye to totally removing Siam Bayshore from the list.

If anybody has any recent experience with Siam Bayshore, one way of the other, please leave a comment below.



Pattaya Bay at night

This is the Japanese language version of the list of Pattaya girl friendly hotels



夜のパタヤの街へ出かけると、バーのホステス、ビーチロードや観光客がよく訪れる場所で商売をする“フリーランサー”であるかどうかにかかわらず、大勢の売春婦を必ず見かける。 彼女達は、日本で商売する場合に得られる収入に比べてわずかな収入しか得られないにもかかわらず、喜んであなたと一緒に宿泊先へ戻ってく

問題なのは、特にファミリーをターゲットにしたホテルでは、部屋にビジターを連れて入ると1500バーツほどの料金を請求されることである。 これは“ジョイナーフィー”と呼ばれ、ビジター(売春婦や夜の商売の女性、あるいはニューハーフ)をホテルの部屋へ連れて帰った場合に追加請求される連れ込み料のことです。

下記は、これを書いている時点で未登録ゲスト(ビジター)に対する料金を請求しないホテルリストであり、これらホテルは“ゲストフレンドリーホテル”(ジョイナーフィーが請求されないホテル)と見なされています。ウォーキングストリート近辺にはジョイナーフィーが無料のホテルがたくさんあり、ビーチロード沿いやノースパタヤ、セントラルパタヤ、サウスパタヤにもたくさんのホテルが存在しています。また、このリストにジョムティエンのジョイナーフィー不要のホテルを追加しました。 多くのホテルでは無料Wifi接続が可能であり、該当する場合には各ホテル名の横にFree Wifiマークを表示しています。 Continue reading パタヤジョイナーフィー不要ホテル

Pattaya Girl friendly hotel changes/issues thread

Post a comment here if you have had any problems with any of the hotels listed on this site or if you’d like to add a hotel to the list of girl friendly hotels in Pattaya.

  • November 2018- Have received a report that Areca Lodge Evergreen is no longer girl friendly. Will remove if I receive further reports confirming.
  • Have had a report of Welcome Plaza charging 500 Baht. Will remove if I receive further reports confirming.
  • November 8, 2013. Siam Bayshore. December 17- Removed from list
  • April 4, 2014. Warning added to Pattaya Center Hotel after report of THB600 charge.

Pattaya Guest Friendly Hotels with pools

Pattaya Girl Friendly Hotels with pools

Almost all of the hotels listed on this page have a pool. In case we have missed mentioning the pool in the hotel descriptions above, here is a full list of Pattaya girl friendly hotels with a pool:

– Pattaya girl friendly hotels, Pattaya guest friendly hotels, Pattaya ladyboy friendly hotels –