Pattaya Girl friendly hotel changes/issues thread

Post a comment here if you have had any problems with any of the hotels listed on this site or if you’d like to add a hotel to the list of girl friendly hotels in Pattaya.

  • November 2018- Have received a report that Areca Lodge Evergreen is no longer girl friendly. Will remove if I receive further reports confirming.
  • Have had a report of Welcome Plaza charging 500 Baht. Will remove if I receive further reports confirming.
  • November 8, 2013. Siam Bayshore. December 17- Removed from list
  • April 4, 2014. Warning added to Pattaya Center Hotel after report of THB600 charge.

35 thoughts on “Pattaya Girl friendly hotel changes/issues thread

  1. Jw marriott sukhumvit 57 :

    This hotel is NOT guest friendly in my opinion. If a girl of questionable repute is in the lobby she will stick out like a sore thumb and be very obvious compared to the usual guests. Very embarrassing. My girl was asked to leave lobby area. DO NOT recommend this hotel as guest friendly!

    1. Thank you Sam for your comments.
      Guest friendly typically means no extra charge for bar girls or ladyboys. Obviously in 5 star establishment it is advisable to be discreet and move through the lobby as quickly as possible.
      Because of the location of this hotel, practically next door to Nana Plaza they reluctantly accept that a few of their guests will bring back ladies, however it is best not to stretch the limits of their tolerance by having a girl loiter in the lobby.

      Bring her in with you or if she is waiting downstairs for you, perhaps it is a good idea to meet elsewhere.

  2. The Pattaya Centre Hotel still charges 600 baht joners fee when you have register 2 person in rom.
    I do Not recommend this hotell as guest friendly or good hotell.

    1. Hi! I’m visiting Pattaya soon and will be taking a working girl back to my room and don’ want to paid a joiner fee. So when I book this guest friendly Hotel someone said you need to register the room for two people and someone said you need to register this room for one, I’m confuse, why would it make a different when most all Hotels are booking there rooms based on double occupancy weather your by yourself or you come with two people.

  3. Hello, I booked at the Landmark in Bangkok because I knew it was nice hotel and many sites list it as girl friendly/no joiner fee. But I found mixed reviews also. So I email the Landmark. The reply told me there would be a 1000-1500B fee. For the price they charge I found it hard to believe so I emailed back asking them if this was true about the fee. That reply, don’t email us such questions. So I guess the are NOT joiner friendly. My question is have any of you stayed there. If so did you have to pay? If so I will be staying elsewhere were both her and I can feel better and save the money. Thanks for any reply in advance.

    1. Thanks Michael,
      I have added the caution mark next to this hotel and will remove it when I confirm it is indeed no longer girl friendly.

  4. I would like to add Dynasty Inn Hotel in Soi 13.
    Your first guest is free of charge. If you have two guests, you only pay 300 Baht for the second one. Rates usually 1280 Baht, 1480 in high season.
    Perfectly safe, guests have to leave ID card at reception, name is written in book. When guest asks for ID, they make telephone call to your room and will not return ID card unless you confirm everything is OK.
    Policy has never changed during at least the last six years.

  5. Intimate Hotel Tim Boutique, Pattaya Soi 14
    – you are allowed to bring a girl with you but you have to check that she is at least 20 years old and even if you book th room for 2 person with breakfast you have to pay the breakfast additional for your girlfriend, very strange

  6. Intimate Hotel Tim Boutique, Pattaya Soi 14

    the receiptionist told me at my arrival on March 24, 2015: the 1st lady during your stay is free but from the second on they will charge you 1000 Baht guest fee on each lady.

    1. Thanks for the info Hans. Is that if you bring home more than 1 girl at a time? or the second girl during the whole stay? They are keeping tabs eh?
      I see room for a technicality, lol

    2. I normally stay Tim Boutique they do ask for 2nd lady joiner fee, i have just tried the Siam Bayshore its not as good as Tim Boutique only the loccation is better and they asked for a jonier fee for your first lady.

  7. Would like to know if Sabai Lodge Hotel is a girl friendly hotel or not? I emailed the hotel about its policy but have not received a reply yet.

  8. Hi,i just want to ask for adding bett pattaya hotel in your list,its just in front of famous alkazar show and have very frindly stuff and free wifi

  9. I have just stayed at the Siam Bayshore they are asking for a 1000B joiner fee, i would not return to this hotel the smell from the river puts you off, the price you pay you can find cheaper better hotels.

  10. Has anyone stayed at the Courtyard South Pattaya? If so do you have any info on its girl friendliness. The clerk gave me the impression that it is but it’s not on the list

  11. i just want to know list of three star hotels in bangkok whom they allow us to pick a girl in our room for night

  12. Hello, my name is Jan. I go to WAVE Boutiek hotel on oktober. Is this oke ? Its my first time ! Are they friendly to bring a lady at the hotel?

  13. Stayed at Areca Lodge Evergreen last October, charged 500 Baht extra to bring a lady back. So not guest friendly please amend.

  14. November 2019: LK The Empress now has sign indicating 500 THB fee for guests. You can bring guests in from Family Mart entrance on side of hotel to avoid.

  15. Unregistered guests – all guests must register upon arrival. Any unregistered guests will be charged THB 1,000 per person per night.
    Refundable deposit – you may be required to pay a deposit of THB 1,000 per room per night when checking in. This deposit is refundable upon checking out.

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